Latest Recipes

Cold soups (Gazpachos) are quite common in my adopted country Tenerife. This recipe might as well be called a green smoothie – but as it contains steamed spinach and white balsamic vinegar it perfectly qualifies for a nice and healthy Gazpacho:-)

A healthy and yummy snack to fight back sugar cravings - keep in the fridge, as the coconut oil tends to melt at room temperature.

This spicy peanut chilli dip is a perfect companion for all kind of Asian food...

A lovely alternative to the traditional lasagna with minced meat - and a good way to convince your kids to eat their veggies;-)

Our whole family loves the Arabian cuisine and especially those crispy falafel that go with all kind of side dishes.

We love curries - especially when it is getting colder outside. Here comes another of our families favorite vegan versions – this time very mild and with a touch of roasted vegetables.