Latest Recipes

 The original recipe is from my mother, who used to make this lovely sweet bread on special occasions like Easter or for a Sunday brunch... by the way: This post is for you, Lara;-)

Healthy and yummy is my version of the traditional digestive cookies...

... this is something, I always have in store - as soon as I can get my hands on ripe tomatoes in summer, I make big amounts of this sugo. It tastes great with fresh pasta and can be used as a base for a lot of other recipes...

 As I love the typical English Shepard´s Pie topping with mashed potato, I just combined it with a healthy and yummy nutbase  and spinach avocado spread (thank you, Jamie Oliver for the inspiration;-)

We have a lot of South American influences in the Tenerife kitchen. This is how I came to know and use sweet potatoes... These delicious chips are one of my favourites and a lovely side dish for barbecues, Burger or just a salad.

My whole family loves risotto and it is a regular dish in my house. The lovely dried porcini mushrooms add a earthy flavour to the creamy rice.