Latest Recipes

You might find some of the ingredients of this fresh summer salad a bit unusual at first glance. But mixed together it is not only healthy but rich and tasty as well...

 I found the base for this great recipe on the american website FOOD52 and adapted it to my personal taste reducing sugar and fats and introducing whole spelt flour instead of white wheat flour. The cake is moist and rich and has a lovely crunch at the same time.

 This is a recipe from the Irish Avoca café, that we visited in Dublin some time ago. As we have a beautiful pink grapefruit tree in our garden, I was tempted at once to make this marmalade and to add my personal touch to it.

 Sometimes the most amazing recipes evolve from improvising. The other day I found a lovely vegan Shepard Pie recipe from Jamie Oliver which I wanted to cook right away. Unfortunately I had not even half of the needed ingredients - so I came up with my own version and created this very yummy vegetable pie.

Eggplant and tomatoes are just a terrific combination - especially if they are left to stew together in the oven. Together with the crunchy potato chips this is a tasty party starter which can easily be prepared ahead.

 A classic french stew using fresh mediteranean ingredients - the longer you cook it, the better the taste;-)